What Every Catholic Should Know About Hell

Scott Hahn, Jeff Cavins, Steve Ray, Fr. William Casey, Tim Staples & More

What Every Catholic Should Know About Hell
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This fascinating video presents some of the most influential people in Catholic apologetics today, looking at Scripture and Tradition, in order to discover the truth about authentic Catholic teaching on this absolutely essential, but often misunderstood, doctrine.Separating fact from fiction, this video answers your most crucial questions regarding the existence and meaning of Hell.

Inspiring and informative, What Every Catholic Should Know About Hell features exclusive interviews with prominent Catholic clergy, apologists, theologians, and best-selling authors including Dr. Scott Hahn, Fr. William Casey, Steve Ray, Kimberly Hahn, Fr. Shannon Michael Collins, Tim Staples, and more. As these respected experts reveal crucial insights into this important topic, you'll discover the abundant biblical evidence, historical perspective and theological principles that are fundamental to a truly Catholic understanding of Christ's teaching on the dark side of eternity.

Throughout this thought-provoking presentation, Hell emerges as a deep mystery of faith, a dreadful but exquisite testimony to the justice and mercy of Almighty God. You'll uncover how this place of eternal punishment is necessary to God's plan of salvation, how eternal life is won or lost here on earth, how God takes free will so seriously that He does not compel anyone to be saved, and how we can be confident that those who call upon God's mercy will obtain the grace that saves them from eternal punishment.

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