The Mission that made England

The True Story of St Augustine

Miranda Hinkley

The Mission that made England
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In the year 597 a party of forty monks arrived by boat on the shores of Thanet in Kent. Their leader was a monk called Augustine. They had travelled by land and sea from Rome on the orders of Pope Gregory the Great.

Their mission? To establish the Church in England, bringing Christianity and the Gospel to the English people.

Unsure of their reception, Augustine bravely asked the local King, Ethelbert, for permission to preach to his people. The missionaries were invited by the King to Canterbury and gradually, through their holy lives and their preaching, the king and the people were converted to Christianity.

From Canterbury the Christian faith spread rapidly and with the help later from Irish missionaries in the north, England became a Christian country.

Not only did Augustine's mission bring Christianity, it also opened people's minds to art, music and literature and gave rise to great architecture. The laws of the Christian Kingdom were written down in the English language for the first time in history so they would never be forgotten.

Known as the 'Apostle of the English', St Augustine's story has inspired people down through the ages. It draws people to Ramsgate and the Isle Thanet to discover for themselves, the place where it all began, called by Augustus Pugin ‘the cradle of Catholicism in England’.

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