A Catholic Evangelist's "Primer for Protestants"

Michael Cumbie

A Catholic Evangelist's "Primer for Protestants"
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Catholic evangelisation is more difficult today than ever. Why would any Protestant Christian be interested in becoming a Catholic, especially in light of recent scandals in the Church? What can you do to effectively share the truth of the Catholic faith with Protestant or "fallen-away" family and friends? Recent convert Michael Cumbie has the answer! While still a Protestant Pastor, Mr Cumbie came to the knowledge that the only hope for the future of Christianity lies in a return to the ancient liturgical worship and sacramental theology of the Church. In this compelling series, Michael Cumbie speaks from the heart, boldly challenging Protestant Christians to set aside their fear and prejudice to discover the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth of the Catholic faith.

Lively, engaging and filled with wit and wisdom, this series is an excellent evangelisation tool for today.

CDs : 3

Price: £12.95



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