John Calvin

Inside the Protestant Mind

Ken Hensley

John Calvin
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Why do evangelical Bible Christians think and believe the way they do? What is the key for understanding the Protestant mind? In a nutshell the answer is, "John Calvin". But who was this influential figure that cast his shadow over nearly four centuries of Protestant Christianity? And what does it mean to today's Catholic believer?

In the tradition of his best-selling series Luther: The Rest of the Story, former Protestant Pastor and Catholic convert Ken Hensley reveals the unvarnished truth about the life and teaching of John Calvin. Every bit as prominent a figure as Luther, you'll discover why Calvin's theology is even more significant. In this informative series, you'll discover the real reasons behind the protestant revolt; why it was not a particular heresy, nor a separate religion, but rather a sweeping reaction against united spiritual authority. And how the echoes of that revolt still reverberate in Christianity today, especially Calvin's powerful theological influence on conservative, evangelical and fundamentalist Protestants.

With great respect and sensitivity, Ken Hensley cuts through the typical apologetic rhetoric to reveal a truer portrait of Calvin than you'll find in the standard Catholic treatments of the famous reformer's life and work. However, this important series remains an uncompromising presentation on the crucial differences between Calvin's radical ideas and traditional Christianity, and the division they created not only between Protestants and Catholics but also among the reformers themselves.

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