The Da Vinci Code Exposed

The Truth About Mary Magdalene, the Gospel and the Grail

Matthew Arnold

The Da Vinci Code Exposed
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Dan Brown's controversial bestseller The Da Vinci Code has millions of people asking some very shocking questions. How trustworthy is the history of the Church as we know it? Was Jesus merely a mortal prophet? Was "original" Christianity a religion of the "sacred feminine"? Were Mary Magdalene and Jesus secretly married - and do their descendents walk among us today? Are these secrets and more revealed in the artwork of Leonardo Da Vinci and others?

In this fascinating series, Matthew Arnold takes a critical look at the many outrageous religious and historical claims of Dan Brown's wildly successful Da Vinci Code. Part Bible study, part art history and part historical mystery this insightful series strips away layers of myth and misinformation to expose the truth about the unfounded claims of The Da Vinci Code.

Listening to this captivating expose you'll discover how we can know that Church history is true and that our faith is not a fabrication. Drawing upon the Doctors of the Church and the riches of Catholic Tradition, Matthew Arnold reveals the straightforward truth about Jesus and Mary Magdalene, Emperor Constantine and the Council of Nicea, the real significance of religious art and the paintings of Leonardo Da Vinci, the nature and meaning of the Holy Grail and much more. You'll also discover the true attraction of books like The Da Vinci Code and the real secret of their popularity.

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