Catholic and Proud

Discovering Why You Believe

Brian Briggs

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Discovering Why You Believe
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In this enlightening series, you'll discover how to more effectively articulate Catholic beliefs and practices. Reminiscent of the biblical exhortation to "always provide the reasons for your faith". Brian Briggs supplies a well-stocked arsenal of real answers to respond to real-life questions regarding what Catholics truly believe.

Brian's inspiring conversion reveals him as someone who intensely pursues truth whatever the consequences or cost. Although raised Lutheran, Brian found himself looking to evangelical fundamentalism after his parent's devastating divorce. But the more Brian learned, the more questions he had! And it was this constant pursuit of the truth that eventually brought him to the grace of conversion to the Catholic faith. In his two other talks, "Important Things Every Catholic Should Know" and "silly Things Non-Catholics Say", you'll discover powerful approaches to better explain Catholic beliefs.

Catholic and Proud: Discovering Why You Believe will help you learn to ask the difficult questions that hold the possibility for a deeper spiritual understanding. You'll learn to tackle the tougher issues that often divide Christians, and to build up your faith like never before. This series challenges Christians to seriously ponder who they are and what they believe. Get ready to discover Catholicism's inner logic as you systematically examine your "reasons for faith".

CDs : 3

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