Reading the Bible From the Heart of the Church

Scott Hahn

Reading the Bible From the Heart of the Church
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In this series, Scott Hahn relates that as trusting children of God and of our mother the Church, Catholics read the Bible within a community that's larger than the local Bible-study group, parish or diocese. As you listen, you'll begin to experience how the authentic Catholic "Bible study group" is the communion of saints, the voices of Catholic Tradition, the great cloud of witnesses from all of history. And especially how your most important guide to understanding the Bible is the Holy Spirit, working through the Church's Magisterium.

You'll discover how to read the Bible in its natural (and supernatural!) habitat. In other words, to read the Bible in the light of the liturgy. You'll be inspired and enlightened as Dr. Hahn relates how the scriptural texts themselves presume the context of the Mass. You'll come to see how the apostles and evangelists seem to be writing with liturgical proclamation in mind. And how if you read the Bible as they wrote it, you'll be reading it from the heart of the Church - and that heart is Eucharistic. It is the very heart of Jesus.

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