Our Catholic Faith

Matthew Arnold

Our Catholic Faith
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Now on one remarkable DVD you'll discover a concise and compelling overview of the Catholic Faith. It powerfully presents truths about God and the Mysteries of the Catholic Faith by combining professional narration, orchestral music and compelling scenes of contemporary Catholicism, the glory of nature and unsurpassed masterpieces of sacred art and architecture. You'll learn about God and His attributes, the Trinity, Original Sin, the Redemption, the Church, Grace, Prayer, the Holy Mass, the Sacraments, the Ten Commandments, Virtues, and much more. Complete with supporting Scripture verses, this presentation is a perfect introduction to the fundamentals of Catholicism, ideal for RCIA programs, Confirmation classes and general parish catechetical projects, and for every Catholic home.

DVD : 1

Price: £9.95

Other Info: 42 Minutes



Praying the Rosary for Inner Healing

Fr. Dwight Longenecker

Praying the Rosary for Inner Healing


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En Avant

Alastair Stewart

En Avant


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