Wisdom of the Saints

Fr. Shannon Collins

Wisdom of the Saints
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Are you aware of the virtues we must all acquire to be happy in this world and to save our souls? Where do you turn for good council? Where do you look for a good example of the spiritual life? Is it possible for an "ordinary" Catholic to become a saint just by using the many opportunities for holiness that lie hidden in each day?

The saints, as models of Jesus Christ in their practice of heroic virtue, deserve both our respect and our admiration. In this series, Wisdom of the Saints Fr. Shannon Collins, C.P.M. reveals that we should not only invoke the Saints in prayer and imitate their virtues, but also how we should also especially honour them by heeding their words. After all, if we will not listen to the saints, then whom will we listen to?

Now you'll learn the importance of true obedience from St. Francis and St. Dominic, the "little way" of spiritual childhood from St. Therese, how to resist the devil from St. John Vianney and much, much more. More than mere biographical facts and figures, Father shares the very heart of the saints, revealing many important lessons from their extraordinary examples to help you and your family to apply their virtues to your own lives.

Most especially this powerful series will reveal how the saints are the most joyous of persons. Because these great lovers of God and of their fellow men teach us not to concentrate on the sorrows of life too much or be cheated out of the joy that love for God brings. Perfect for daily meditation and great for the entire family, this collection of short spiritual conferences by Fr. Collins may be the most inspiring and thought-provoking talks you'll ever hear. Order today and discover the Wisdom of the Saints.

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