A Path in the Desert
Finding Freedom from the Addictions
That Destroy Our Happiness

Ken Hensley

A Path in the Desert<br />
Finding Freedom from the Addictions<br />
That Destroy Our Happiness
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Sometimes it seems that everyone in our confused culture is looking for answers and finding everything but the truth. In this powerful series, Catholic speaker and former Baptist minister Ken Hensley reveals why "self-help" and "motivational" methods fail to answer our deepest longings - because our emptiness can only be filled by God. As you listen, you'll come to understand the Catholic teaching on happiness, and how it can positively change your life. In this series you'll discover: How the desire for God is written on the human heart; why man rebels against the truth; why we forsake God even though we know better; how God desires to deliver us from idolatries and addictions; and much more.

CDs : 3

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