Proclaiming the Gospel of Life

Ed. by Fr. Richard Whinder

Proclaiming the Gospel of Life
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‘Proclaiming the Gospel of Life’ is an obligation for all members of the Catholic Church, priests and laity alike. Whether protecting the unborn child or speaking out for the terminally ill, our aim must be not only to save lives, but to change hearts and minds: to transform our current 'culture of death' into the 'civilisation of love'.

These essays offer brilliant insights into the Church’s teaching on the sanctity of human life, from conception to natural death, and the duty to defend it. They will equip and encourage readers to play their part in the greatest struggle of our times.

Contributors: Aidan Nichols OP, Fr John Saward, Mgr Ignacio Barreiro, Fr Timothy Finigan.

Pages : 72

Material: Paperback

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