Faith at Work

Finding Purpose Beyond the Paycheck

Kevin Lowry

Faith at Work
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How do your motivations, actions, and example at work differ from your motivations, actions, and example at Church?
Explore the benefits of applying the basic tenets of faith - teamwork, perseverance, trust, and goodwill - at work while connecting with the funny and heartfelt lessons learned along the way by Kevin Lowry. An inspiring exploration of this common and continuous struggle of finding our balance of faith and work.

"An important reminder that we are called to live our faith in our work, ... keeping Christ at the top of one's priorities, regardless of the demands of the workplace." - J. David Karam, president, Wendy's International, Inc.

"Both practical and inspiring!" - Tom Monaghan, founder, Domino's Pizza, Inc., and Ave Maria University

"A source of both encouragement and challenge ... all Christians will benefit from reading this book and reflecting on the lessons of the Gospel applied to our everyday work." - Marcus Grodi, president and founder, The Coming Home Network International

Pages : 135

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