The Power of Healing Prayer

Overcoming Emotional Blocks

Richard McAlear, OMI

The Power of Healing Prayer
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Illness comes in many forms and too often we're told to ignore it, hide it, or simply run away from it. With decades of service in the healing ministry as both a teacher and one called upon to pray for healing, Father Richard McAlear has a different approach that recognises - even embraces - the complex nature of illness.
A cluster of emotions anger, anxiety, fear, hate, negative self-image, resentment, and self-pity affect our health. Therefore, a healing ministry must be handled in such a way that emotions and psychological factors are addressed with care and sensitivity.
It must also embrace the vast beauty and power and depth of our Catholic Faith, keeping it: Christ-centered - deeply rooted in the person and ministry of the Lord Jesus Christ. Scriptural - utilizing the insights offered by Scripture to delve into the Holy Spirit's role in the work of healing. Holistic - exploring the interplay and connections between the mental, spiritual, and physical dimensions relating to healing and health.
Explore the healing power of faith as it mends your whole self - mind, body, and spirit - regardless of your pain, background, or personal baggage. The Power of Healing Prayer is also an effective guide for those you minister to.

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