A Devotional Journey into the Mass

How Mass can become a time of Grace, Nourishment, and Devotion

Christopher Carstens

A Devotional Journey into the Mass
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If you're unhappy because the Mass has become for you routine or even boring and tedious, these
pages are for you. They teach you eight simple ways to make your every Mass a joyful time of piety and intense devotion.
Explaining the spiritual meanings behind the signs and symbols, words and actions of the Mass, author Christopher Carstens teaches you spiritually-enriching ways to enter the church building, make the Sign of the Cross, pray the Opening Prayer, listen to the Readings, prepare your soul at the Offertory, participate in the Eucharistic Prayer, receive Communion, and even respond to the Dismissal.
Soon with the help of author Carstens’ wise suggestions you will be surprised to find each Eucharistic celebration a fountain of peace for you, and a profound refreshment for your soul.

Pages : 131

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