A Practical Commentary on Holy Scripture

Written with a view to re-enchanting post-Reformation Catholics with a love for Sacred Scripture and drawing out the multiple connections between the Scriptures and Catholic faith and morals, A Practical Commentary on Holy Scripture is both a fascinating read and an unbeatable catechetical resource for adults and children. The author drew on all his considerable scholarship and pedagogical experience to produce one of the best Biblical commentaries available and one which has remained in print for well over a hundred years. Comprehensive, yet divided into manageable 4-5 page chapters ideal for daily reading, this is a thoroughly orthodox guide with no explaining away of miracles or shying away from difficult questions or unfashionable issues, and always with a view to addressing the essential significance of every episode for the Christian reader. It is the perfect volume for anyone wanting to immerse him-or-herself in the timeless truths of the Book of Books.

AUTHOR: Friedrich Justus Knecht
DETAILS: 840 pages, hardcover
ISBN: 978-1919673042


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