An Exorcist Explains How to Heal the Possessed

Leaning heavily on Scripture and the teachings of the Church, as well as on his own extensive experiences as an exorcist, Fr Paolo Carlin here unveils Satan’s plan of attack while giving you the telltale signs that the Evil One is at work in your life or in the life of others. You’ll learn the special conditions that facilitate the work of the devil – particularly ones that appeal to the youngest and most defenceless among us.
Armed with knowledge of the antics of Satan, Fr. Carlin also enumerates the many spiritual weapons that Our Lord has placed at our disposal. Best of all, you’ll learn to employ each one effectively to keep the devil and his army of fallen angels at bay.
Finally, Father will show you how to distinguish between mental illnesses and diabolical attacks, as well as how to determine when you must turn away from amateur efforts and urgently seek the expert help of an official exorcist.

AUTHOR: Fr Paolo Carlin
DETAILS: 160 pages, paperback
ISBN: 978-1622825202


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