Butler’s Lives of the Saints

(4-volume set)

First written in the mid-eighteenth century, Butler’s Lives of the Saints is now available in a four-volume set which was revised in 1956 to include 2,565 saints compared to the original 1,486. After the Bible, the Missal and The Imitation of Christ it is the most popular Catholic book. Each day of the year contains a reading for the saints of that day. Ideal for a daily meditation; each Saint’s life is followed by a “lesson” from the life to help us apply the virtues of the Saint to ourselves. Carefully edited by Herbert J. Thurston, S.J., and Donald Attwater to retain the charms of Butler’s original prose style, this work of devotion and scholarship offers truths central to Christianity and underlying themes of Christian love.

AUTHOR: Alban Butler
DETAILS: 2932 pages, hardcover
ISBN: 978-0870610455


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