Dominic Barberi

An introduction to one of the least known yet most influential apostles to the English. Famously, Blessed Dominic Barberi (1792–1849) received Saint John Henry Newman into the Catholic Church, yet even the most renowned Newman scholars hardly pause to consider the significance of the man at whose feet Newman knelt to make his confession on a stormy night in October 1845. Blessed Dominic had longed to minister in England for most of his adult life. He was a gifted theologian, though he may not have known what a prodigious author he was, or of his extraordinary spiritual gifts – his ecstasies and visions, his prophetic insight and ability to read souls – and almost constant experience of the ‘dark night’ of the soul, spiritual agonies constantly offered up for the conversion of England.

AUTHOR: Fr Gerard Skinner
DETAILS: 192 pages, paperback
ISBN: 978-0852449776


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