The Story of Saint Augustine

Apostle of England – (Children’s Film)

In 597 AD a party of 40 monks landed their boat on the Kent coast, ending a journey that had started in Italy and which had taken nearly a year to complete. Led by a Roman prior called Augustine, this small group took only a few years to build foundations of a new Christian Church in Britain. Sent on this difficult missions by his friend, Pope Gregory, Augustine was a man who had never expected to live such an extraordinary life.

This film and book tells the story of St Augustine, Apostle of England, for a younger audience. Charting not only Augstine’s life and work but also the development of his legacy up to the present day, it offers a powerful example of how hard work and belief can achieve great things.
Book and DVD ideal for children aged 7-13.

DETAILS: (1 DVD – 19 minutes)


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